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Data Storage Today: Key Takeaways from VMworld 2016

Data Storage Today: Key Takeaways from VMworld 2016

Tuesday Nov 1st 2016

Survey findings include pain points for secondary storage, average restore times, the growth of hyperconvergence and rate of cloud adoption in enterprises. 

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The State of Data Storage Today

Click through for findings from a VMworld 2016 survey, conducted by Cohesity, on the state of data storage and its pain points.

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Data Backup Is a Pain

Respondents identified cost and scalability as the greatest problems their organizations now face when backing up their data in virtualized environments and 51 percent of respondents indicate they used more than one backup vendor. With the growing amount of data from various sources serving different functions, enterprises need a single solution that is infinitely scalable. Secondary storage solutions must be designed to handle the influx of data and be cost effective at the same time.

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Backup Restores Take Too Long

One of the most costly pain points is long restore times. Nearly half of respondents said their restore times typically lasted one hour, while 28 percent commonly face restore times of four hours or longer. Long restore times can be enormously expensive. Take the recent Delta Airlines data center outage, which cost the company millions of dollars. To speed up backup restore times, enterprises are turning to solutions that provide near-instant backup and restore capabilities.

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Next-Gen Storage Infrastructures Are Taking Off

Hyperconvergence has been widely adopted for primary storage functions, according to VMworld participants. Less than 37 percent of respondents said they are not deploying hyperconverged storage architecture now or in the near future. The majority of respondents had implemented one of three popular solutions - VMware's VSAN and vBlock took first and third place for users (not surprising given the site of the survey), while Nutanix had the second highest number of users among survey respondents.

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Cloud Adoption Is Rising

Cloud technologies provide a number of benefits, including flexibility, faster recovery and reduced costs. Nearly 60 percent of respondents stated they plan to incorporate cloud into their storage infrastructure, with test/dev, disaster recovery and archiving cited as popular use cases. These findings show a vast majority of enterprises are embracing the cloud, and are more likely to include hybrid infrastructures that combine on-premise and cloud storage.


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